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Kaitlyn Frank

Kaitlyn Frank

Kaitlyn is a brand storyteller with a passion for research and writing on all things tech. She brings a unique insight into the higher-level business impact of new developments in IT, while bringing the need-to-know info and relevant context to audiences with a less technical background.

Recent Posts:

YOUR Top 6 Reasons to Attend ServiceNow's Knowledge 2019 Conference

Around this time each year, we do a blog post about what we’re most looking forward to at ServiceNow’s Knowledge each spring. This year we changed it up, opening the question to all of you fellow ServiceNow enthusiasts to see what everyone else is looking forward to. (Hopefully you all saw our Tales from the Trail contest!)

Building the Digital Enterprise on the Power of ServiceNow

The term “Digital Transformation” is thrown around a lot these days. But when we talk to IT leaders today, it’s undeniable that we’ve already entered a new age of business technology: that of the Digital Enterprise.

6 Clues It’s Time to Outsource Your Service Desk

Is it time for Service Desk Outsourcing? Your service desk is the face and voice of IT. It’s the front line of support. Each interaction is an opportunity to affect the perception of IT within your organization, for better or worse. And if your IT service desk is suffering from process, technology, or staffing ailments, the hurt can reverberate throughout your organization.

How Microsoft EM+S Improves Your Security Posture in One Fell Swoop

One thing we know: security is one of the top things that IT and business leaders are thinking about.

How the ServiceNow Platform Can Take Down the Annual Financial Planning Beast

Annual planning may seem like one of those arduous tasks that your company slogs through once a year. But by viewing it as a process that can be continuously improved upon, you can significantly reduce the overall level of effort needed, increase the speed at which it is done, and improve the quality of the output. In addition, your company will have a solid footing for simplifying other challenges that provide their own discrete ROI points, such as contract lifecycle, and chargeback/showback. By taking this holistic view, your team can focus on the bigger picture without having to rework previous configurations when you get there.

5 Essential Questions to Help You Pick Your ServiceNow Partner

You’ve decided you want to implement ServiceNow, but you don’t want to go-live alone. And why should you, when there are so many ServiceNow consultants eager to help you? But that’s just the problem – there are so many ServiceNow consultants, how can you choose the right one for you? 

How to Know When it’s Time to Reboot Your Customer Service Management Platform

80% of businesses believe they deliver a superior customer experience, according to a recent Bain & Company study. That’s pretty good, right? Unfortunately though, only 8% of customers agree. 

Are You Ready to Upgrade to ServiceNow Jakarta?

There’s a lot to be excited about in the ServiceNow Jakarta release, but it’s important not to get so caught up in the hype that you fail to adequately prepare to upgrade. Hastily rushing into such a change could do more harm than good, putting undue stress on your team and putting some of your core processes at risk. 

ServiceNow Jakarta: 4 Features Not To Miss

It’s finally here: the ServiceNow Jakarta release! The latest update to this groundbreaking platform was the talk of Knowledge17 back in May, and now we can see the final product in action. 

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