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Mike Kaufman

Service Management Practice Lead

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Everything New in ServiceNow Kingston

ServiceNow released a new version of ServiceNow, codename Kingston.  More amazing work by ServiceNow once again!

How Secure is ServiceNow Security?


Data breaches seem to be more frequent than ever. The Equifax hack is a great example of how difficult it is to secure data at a large enterprise and how costly it can be when it happens.

What's New in ServiceNow Jakarta

ServiceNow today released a new version of their platform: Jakarta. More amazing work by ServiceNow! They've made several changes to their platform in this new release that will help...

ServiceNow Istanbul

ServiceNow has just released a new version of ServiceNow, codename Istanbul. More amazing work by ServiceNow once again!

Learn About ServiceNow Express

What is ServiceNow Express?

If you have never heard of it before, it’s basically a simpler version of ServiceNow. What does ServiceNow Express contain? From the ServiceNow Express website:

6 Best Features of ServiceNow’s Helsinki

ServiceNow’s upgrade to Helsinki is taking service management by storm! The advanced features that are included in this new version of the ServiceNow platform create an enhanced user experience...