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Nick Gustafson

Nick is a content marketer with a passion for helping people work smarter, not harder. He is able to distill the technical aspects of new technology into relevant content and best practices around holistic solutions for people of any technical background.
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Is Skype Dead? Your Excuse for Avoiding Teams Is.

Ever since Microsoft announced that Skype for Business is going to be absorbed by Teams, our clients have been asking us, “Is Skype dead?” The answer, of course, is no… mostly. Skype isn’t dying....

How to Scale Up your VC Backed Business

Making smart decisions with the money your organization gets from investors is critical to your organization’s longevity. It’s a delicate balancing act to align your business objectives, growth...

4 Ways to Create Better ITSM Processes in ServiceNow Kingston

We have entered a new era of digital service delivery. It’s no longer enough to create a simple ticket-taking process and call it a help desk. Where end-users used to just grin and bear it when...

How Windows as a Service Simplifies IT

Adopting Windows-as-a-Service is a common challenge we’re seeing organizations of all sizes coping with. It’s a new paradigm they need to assume, and we’ve helped our clients understand how others...

Meet Phuong: The Journey to ServiceNow Developer

We couldn’t do what we do at Virteva without our people.

Everything You Know About Password Management is a Lie

We all know the frustration of coming up with a new password. You need at least 1 capital letter, a number, a special character, an Egyptian hieroglyph, and a nondescript doodle. You can’t use...

ServiceNow Kingston: 5 Features Not to Miss!

2017 was a breakthrough year in technology in many ways, with Apple animating our emojis, Tesla releasing the first affordable luxury electric car, and Microsoft introducing their Quantum...

End the IT & CX Civil War

If there’s one thing I learned from the Marvel Cinematic Universe, it’s that you need to work as a team, a unified front, if you want to overcome your enemies. The movie Captain America: Civil War

How to Turn your Help Desk into a Data-Driven IT Solutions Center

The help desk was first introduced as companies began to embrace computers in their business processes. It was there to fix things when they broke. But as technology shifted, so did the help desk....

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Security

The Case for Cloud Security

Many companies still hold on to a belief that the cloud is unreliable and prone to attack. While I can understand the sentiment, it usually feels short-sighted. If you...