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Nick Gustafson

Nick Gustafson

Nick is a content marketer with a passion for helping people work smarter, not harder. He is able to distill the technical aspects of new technology into relevant content and best practices around holistic solutions for people of any technical background.

Recent Posts:

ServiceNow Madrid: 5 Features Not to Miss

ServiceNow is moving 1749 kilometers to the south from London to Madrid in the coming months. And with the new ServiceNow Madrid release comes everyone’s list of expectations and what to watch out for.

An Introduction to IT Asset Management

How many laptops do you manage at your organization? What about servers, printers, and monitors? How many software licenses do you have for Office, ServiceNow, your HR systems and communication tools? How are you tracking the chairs and desks you must purchase and replace over time?

ServiceNow London - 4 Features Not to Miss

ServiceNow releases a new version of the Now Platform twice a year. These releases are focused around 2 key concepts: intelligence for everyday work and better experiences. And ServiceNow London absolutely delivers on both. While there is quite a bit of great new functionality available, I’ve pulled a list of the 4 things I’m most excited about in London.

Changes to ServiceNow Support Starting in London

ServiceNow is changing their support model from an n-2 to an n-1 model in conjunction with the release of London later this year. 

ServiceNow ITSM vs CSM

Prior to the Istanbul release, the only option for serving external customers with ServiceNow was to engineer the ITSM platform for that purpose. This worked okay, but it was time-consuming both to design it and maintain it, and this method opened customers up to myriad risks.

Reintroducing ManagedNow: The Full-Spectrum ServiceNow and Microsoft Support Option

You asked, we listened, and now we’re excited to announce that, starting today, you will discover several new functionalities in your ManagedNow portal! After feedback from our customers and 570 hours of R&D, we’ve developed a variety of enhancements designed to help you get more mileage out of your ManagedNow fuel. 

Is Skype Dead? Your Excuse for Avoiding Teams Is.

Ever since Microsoft announced that Skype for Business is going to be absorbed by Teams, our clients have been asking us, “Is Skype dead?” The answer, of course, is no… mostly. Skype isn’t dying. But it is transforming. 

How to Scale Up your VC Backed Business

Making smart decisions with the money your organization gets from investors is critical to your organization’s longevity. It’s a delicate balancing act to align your business objectives, growth strategy, and investor expectations – especially when you have to justify every decision and dollar spent. 

4 Ways to Create Better ITSM Processes in ServiceNow Kingston

We have entered a new era of digital service delivery. It’s no longer enough to create a simple ticket-taking process and call it a help desk. Where end-users used to just grin and bear it when they had to call IT, today’s end-users are savvier and expect to receive the same level of care and support they get in the B2C world. 

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