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Put an End to ServiceNow Skips


When was the last time you looked through the customizations to your ServiceNow instance to see if any comparable Out of the Box (OOTB) functionality was released since you implemented it?


If you haven’t recently, you might be missing out on opportunities to streamline your instance and make it more resilient for future upgrades. With ServiceNow updating at the pace of two major releases annually, instances deployed as little as 12-18 months ago could have now-unnecessary custom coding just waiting to delay your next upgrade.


We Get It. We’ve Been There.


When we started implementing ServiceNow years ago, there wasn’t nearly as much OOTB functionality available as there is today. So in order to facilitate certain needs, our engineers created custom code for our ServiceNow instance. The drawback to this approach is that custom code gets marked as a “Skip” during upgrades and requires a person to review and address each customization manually. Despite that, the benefits of the customization outweighed the drawbacks of needing to “skip” those features during future upgrades.


But because ServiceNow is always looking to make the platform better suited to their customers’ needs, much of that functionality that was previously only available via customization is now available OOTB. While it takes some initial work upfront to replace old customizations with their OOTB counterparts, the time and effort it saves us at upgrade time is well worth it.


Next Steps on Your ServiceNow Journey

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Why It's Important.


Prior to the London release, ServiceNow had an n-2 support model. That meant that ServiceNow support was provided to all clients that are on the most current version of the platform, abbreviated as “n,” and up to 2 major releases prior. 


But due to platform security and stability concerns, this is now changing. With the release of ServiceNow London, ServiceNow has moved to an n-1 support model, meaning support is provided for the current version (London) and 1 major release prior (Kingston). Furthermore, in 2019, they will likely be mandating upgrades without an option to opt-out.


This shift means you're going to want to - and eventually need to - conduct upgrades much more frequently. With more frequent upgrades will come a need to conduct upgrades much more efficiently. The easiest way to cut down on time and effort spent during upgrades is to scale down those skip lists.


Put an End to Skip Lists


Fortunately, ServiceNow is constantly adding more OOTB functionality to the platform, meaning more opportunity to replace old customizations with upgrade-friendly configurations. So invest some time in comparing your current instance with what is available OOTB today, and identify where you can cut down on skips in future upgrades. With the Madrid release right around the corner, now is the perfect time to do so.



Assess Your Skips


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