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What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Office 365 Collaboration Part 2

Have you ever had to duplicate work because your coworker sent you the wrong version of something you were working on together? Have you ever lost months or years' worth of information to a hard...

How Secure is ServiceNow Security?


Data breaches seem to be more frequent than ever. The Equifax hack is a great example of how difficult it is to secure data at a large enterprise and how costly it can be when it happens.

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Office 365 Collaboration Part 1

Welcome back to our series exploring Office 365. If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out the introduction and our section on productivity. This week, we are going to take a look at the...

5 Essential Questions to Help You Pick Your ServiceNow Partner


You’ve decided you want to implement ServiceNow, but you don’t want to go-live alone. And why should you, when there are so many ServiceNow consultants eager to help you? But that’s just the...

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Office 365 Productivity

Welcome back to our blog series about Office 365! If you missed last week’s introduction to the series, you can find it here. 

Making IT a True Utility


The last time you took a drink of water or plugged something into the wall, did you really think about all of the backend infrastructure, manpower, and other resources that go into it?  It just...

Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Introduction


Are you Game to Help Heal Local Kids?

“Don’t just sit around and play video games all day” is something I heard quite a bit growing up—and still hear from my wife on occasion—and it makes me feel just a little bit guilty when I do it...

Don't Be Left High and Dry with Microsoft Office 2007

Tuesday, October 10, officially marks the end of the extended support lifecycle for Microsoft Office 2007 and Office for Mac 2011.  

How to Know When it’s Time to Reboot Your Customer Service Management Platform

80% of businesses believe they deliver a superior customer experience, according to a recent Bain & Company study. That’s pretty good, right? Unfortunately though, only 8% of customers agree.