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ServiceNow Jakarta: 4 Features Not To Miss

It’s finally here: the ServiceNow Jakarta release! The latest update to this groundbreaking platform was the talk of Knowledge17 back in May, and now we can see the final product in action.


On release day, we posted a blog that covers the breadth of what’s new in Jakarta. Check that out if you haven’t already, especially if you’re deciding when and how to upgrade. But we also wanted to call out a few of the specific things that we’re most excited about.


Here are the top four features that are not only new, but also have the most potential to change the way business functions operate for the better:


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  1. Intelligent Automation Engine, aka Machine Learning 

This is probably the biggest, most impactful development that ServiceNow has released in years. While a lot of companies talk big about “machine learning,” ServiceNow Jakarta delivers. The Intelligent Automation Engine creates the ability for something other than a human to look at tickets and workflows to resolve issues. Every single cloud service should be able to benefit from Intelligent Automation.


Use case: Prevent outages before they happen with predictive analytics. The Intelligent Automation Engine identifies patterns and outlying occurrences that are most likely to lead to an outage. It examines the three most common abnormalities—intermittency, timing, and volume—and combines that data with dynamic threshold measures to learn the normal range of behavior. Then it flags outliers that may indicate future errors or malfunctions. It can even correlate past events that led to outages and initiate workflows to pre‑empt future problems when the same preceding events are observed again. The Intelligent Automation Engine will help companies increase uptime and improve operations.


  1. Cloud Management

The new Cloud Management features of ServiceNow Jakarta will be an IT Manager’s best friend. As companies start feeling more pain in managing a growing number of cloud entities, the value of this feature will become unmistakable. ServiceNow Cloud Management grants IT leaders the ability to link and provision cloud services like Azure, AWS, and VMware automatically. They can create workflows, monitor performance and alerts, and keep an eye on costs all through a single consumer-like self-service portal.


Use case: IT Managers can provision servers to their users with 100% automated approvals. When users request an application through the portal, they are prompted to provide the details of the application requirements before the request reaches the administrators. When the essential information is all in one place from the get-go, there are fewer questions to resolve and fewer obstacles to overcome to deliver on the request. That means requests that once may have taken weeks to fulfill can now be fulfilled the same day the request is made.


  1. Benchmarking

Before Jakarta, the only way you could get this kind of benchmarking information is if you had a subscription to Gartner. 

Because ServiceNow is so ubiquitous in the business world, they’re able to aggregate and anonymize data from over 12 million users and 8.4 billion monthly transactions across a variety of businesses and industries. The Benchmarks application gives you instant visibility into your key performance indicators (KPIs) and trends, as well as comparative insight relative to industry averages of your peers.


Use case: With this data now available to users, businesses can compare their own operations to other similar businesses, or against recognized industry standards and global benchmarks. They can identify where they’re performing strong and where they can improve on processes to become more competitive. With this supporting data, decision makers can make more informed decisions about where to allocate resources and focus energies to improve the business.


  1. HR Service Management 

ServiceNow HR service management now does automatic lifecycle management. This means that all the actions and paperwork needed to manage employee life events are triggered automatically.


The best part? It works the way the real world works. Specific employee life events will automatically create workflows that facilitate inter-departmental communication. As the proverbial ball is passed from HR to finance to facilities to IT, the HR service management application tracks it and alerts the individuals that need to act on it next. It streamlines these common actions and gives both HR and the employee visibility into the process.


Use case: New employees are added to the company all the time; there is no reason the process should not be easy and efficient for all involved. From the moment this event enters HR, all the tasks needed to process that event are automated. The appropriate HR paperwork is produced, and relevant individuals across departments are alerted with any actions they need to take. This reduces the opportunity for human error and saves time for the individuals involved.


For more on this, take a look at the Enterprise Onboarding and Transition Launch highlights from Knowledge17.


Want to know more? 

Because we’re one of ServiceNow’s preferred implementation partners, we’ve had a chance to explore the ins and outs of Jakarta’s new features and functionalities before anyone else. One thing we learned: there’s a lot to be excited about in this new release. If you’re ready to upgrade or are wondering if you should, give us a call or send us an email. Our team is always happy and ready to talk ServiceNow!



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