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The Latest OOTB ServiceNow Features at Deployment


ReadyDeploy is Virteva’s ServiceNow deployment process. When we debuted it 3 years ago, it was the first structured, best-practice-based ServiceNow deployment methodology on the market.


This month, we finished overhauling our ReadyDeploy methodology to take advantage of everything you can do out of the box with ServiceNow London. With over 1,200 upgrade-compatible configurations to the platform, it provides a more intuitive experience, stronger communication channels, and additional automation for every deployment we complete. In addition to moving away from using custom code, the biggest changes we made to our ReadyDeploy are:


Incident Management:

We designed standard surveys that are automatically sent out when an incident is closed. This enables continuous improvement by better understanding the end-user’s experience and incorporating their feedback into your processes.


ServiceNow Incident Management, Virteva IT management, SNOW OOTB deployments


Knowledge Management:

We’ve enhanced and automated the notification process for every knowledge article’s lifecycle. This provides detailed insight to the status of your knowledge base and ensures that it stays up to date.


ServiceNow Knowledge Management, Virteva IT management, SNOW OOTB deployments

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Change Management:

We now include the out of the box version of the CAB Workbench and configure it for our customers. The CAB Workbench is an interface to manage all Change Advisory Board meetings including what changes need to be reviewed along with the appropriate approval or denial processes.


ServiceNow Change Management, Virteva IT management, SNOW OOTB deployments


Service Catalog:

We heard from our clients that they have been looking for a better way to facilitate communication between their end-users and their IT staff when something is ordered through the service catalog. So we’ve built out a standard two-way email process for a requestor to ask for and get updates from the fulfillment team and vice versa.


We also include four standard catalog items and workflows for our clients to use right away. These include: Something is Broken, Access Request, Software Request, and Hardware Request.


ServiceNow Catalog, Virteva IT management, SNOW OOTB deployments


Service Portal:

Service Portal

We want all of our clients’ users to have an intuitive, personalized experience when they access ServiceNow. So we’ve added personalization tokens in the service portal to provide a personalized experience.


We’ve also built a more intuitive design. For example, clicking “My Requests” used to show requests, incidents, and tasks so we’ve relabeled that to “My Tickets.” We also added general ease of use functions like “cancel” and “reopen” buttons on Incidents.



This is a brand-new application we’ve added to ReadyDeploy. We deployed the procurement application for multiple clients and decided to standardize that process and include it in our ReadyDeploy methodology.


The Procurement application lets you create purchase orders and obtain items for fulfilling service catalog requests. And when it’s tied to Asset Management, it creates additional levels of automation which frees up your procurement team to focus their time and energy on their most important tasks.


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Hardware Asset Management:

We’ve included an intake Record Producer for Hardware Asset Management. This is an easier way for customers to enter new Assets into their inventory by creating Asset records from the service catalog.


ServiceNow Hardware Asset Management 1, Virteva IT Management, SNOW OOTB deployments Hardware Asset Management 2, Virteva IT Management, SNOW OOTB deployments



ServiceNow Incident, Virteva IT Management, SNOW OOTB deployments


We created a new notification email template that has an enhanced look and feel, making it easier for your employees to stay on top of tickets and changes that require their attention throughout the platform.


On occasion, one of your MID servers could go down or you could lose LDAP connection. When this happens, we’ve designed processes that automatically create incidents and make your team aware of the disruption so you can resolve it before it impacts your end-users.


The Spirit of Continuous Improvement

We embrace "continuous improvement" methodologies in everything we do, from how we handle customer issues to how we provide better service. That includes taking a hard look at some of our flagship services like the ReadyDeploy and finding ways to make it better.




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