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How Microsoft EM+S Improves Your Security Posture in One Fell Swoop


Is Skype Dead? Your Excuse for Avoiding Teams Is.

Ever since Microsoft announced that Skype for Business is going to be absorbed by Teams, our clients have been asking us, “Is Skype dead?” The answer, of course, is no… mostly. Skype isn’t dying....

Everything You Know About Password Management is a Lie

We all know the frustration of coming up with a new password. You need at least 1 capital letter, a number, a special character, an Egyptian hieroglyph, and a nondescript doodle. You can’t use...

Culture Shift: Ensuring SaaS Adoption Company-wide

Remember the days when you’d implement a tool, train your people on it, and then you’d be set until you decide to change or upgrade tools? The longer you’d have that tool, the more familiar your...

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Security

The Case for Cloud Security

Many companies still hold on to a belief that the cloud is unreliable and prone to attack. While I can understand the sentiment, it usually feels short-sighted. If you...

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Skype

Conference calls. Everybody loves them. For me, the best parts are the perpetual coughing, chewing, and crying children. Who doesn’t want to hear your dog barking at the UPS guy for 7 minutes? I...

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Office 365 Collaboration Part 1

Welcome back to our series exploring Office 365. If you’re just joining us, make sure to check out the introduction and our section on productivity. This week, we are going to take a look at the...

What Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Office 365 Productivity

Welcome back to our blog series about Office 365! If you missed last week’s introduction to the series, you can find it here. 

Office 365 Features You're Overlooking: Introduction


Don't Be Left High and Dry with Microsoft Office 2007

Tuesday, October 10, officially marks the end of the extended support lifecycle for Microsoft Office 2007 and Office for Mac 2011.