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Slicing the Watermelon: Why Customer Effort Matters at the IT Service Desk

  Bob is a manager of an IT service desk at a large company, and he has just run his performance dashboards for the month. They are completely green because he met the KPI goals he had set out for his employees. Go Bob!    As he enters the printer room near his office on the seventh floor, he runs into Levi for the fifth time today. Levi’s a millennial that works on the first floor.     “What are you doing up here, Levi?”     “Using the printer. The one on the first floor isn’t working.”    “So you walk all the way up here?”    “Yup. I sent some emails to the service desk but didn’t hear anything.”    “Did you try calling?”    “I avoid the phone like the plague. I’d rather climb some stairs than make a phone call.”    Back at his desk, Bob looks at his dashboards, now feeling that they are misleading. Levi would rather climb 7 flights of stairs multiple times a day than talk to the service desk!     Clearly, feedback on the ground, or on the seventh floor as the case may be, wasn’t matching Bob’s green dashboard.    Bob was experiencing “Watermelon Metrics.” The numbers and the dashboards all look green, but if Bob dug a little deeper, he would discover that, despite the green shell, experiences that could only be classified as “red” lurked beneath.    If you have green dashboards but are still hearing rumblings that your customers or end-users are unhappy, perhaps you have a watermelon on your hands. We want to share Bob’s experience to help you build your own roadmap to improve customer service.     It’s time to slice that watermelon!    

4 Steps to Discover the Real Issues in Your IT Service Desk

Suzie Southerland from South Pole Goods called her IT service desk because she couldn’t sync her Outlook email on her smartphone. Her friendly service desk analyst, Norman, answered her call, but in the middle of the phone call, he put her on hold for 3 minutes. Suzie heard 3 confusing minutes of silence. She didn’t know if she should call back or hold on. Norman did return and swiftly helped her synch her Outlook.

How to be a Knowledge Superhero: Writing Effective Knowledge Base Articles

Garbage in = Garbage out. Love or hate the saying, it rings true, especially when it comes to your Knowledge Base articles.

6 Clues It’s Time to Outsource Your Service Desk

Is it time for Service Desk Outsourcing? Your service desk is the face and voice of IT. It’s the front line of support. Each interaction is an opportunity to affect the perception of IT within your organization, for better or worse. And if your IT service desk is suffering from process, technology, or staffing ailments, the hurt can reverberate throughout your organization.

How to Scale Up your VC Backed Business

Making smart decisions with the money your organization gets from investors is critical to your organization’s longevity. It’s a delicate balancing act to align your business objectives, growth strategy, and investor expectations – especially when you have to justify every decision and dollar spent. 

How to Turn your Help Desk into a Data-Driven IT Solutions Center

The help desk was first introduced as companies began to embrace computers in their business processes. It was there to fix things when they broke. But as technology shifted, so did the help desk. It started providing more services and enabled end-users to get help with things that to be done, not just break fixes. Complete IT solutions became a core focus of the standard help desk transforming the day to day functions. 

Making IT a True Utility

  The last time you took a drink of water or plugged something into the wall, did you really think about all of the backend infrastructure, manpower, and other resources that go into it?  It just works; we pay our bill each month for whatever amount of water and electricity we used, and the rest just gets taken care of by the utility company.  So why not, at least in some respects, make that possible with the IT technology we all use in our organizations?

The Evolution of IT Support: From Contact Centers to Help Desk to the ServiceNow Service Desk – Part II

In our last blog post, we explored the evolution of IT Support from Contact Center to Help Desk to the ServiceNow Service Desk. One of the key ingredients of a Service Desk is reconciling business needs with existing service performance and conveying discrepancies and exceptions to stakeholders. This means giving the right information, or better yet, tools, to organizational leaders and champions so decisions can be made quickly and effectively.

The Evolution of IT Support: From Contact Centers to Help Desk to the ServiceNow Service Desk - Part I

There have been jokes, tag lines and urban legends told about the challenges of getting proper technical support. Even Saturday Night Live spoofed this issue with Nick Burns, your company’s computer guy…MOOOOVE! The truth is, many customers and users become disenfranchised as their lack of trust of IT organizations diminishes with every outage or unplanned and uncommunicated change. Frustrations are warranted – support teams always seem one step behind the delivered technology.

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